Where to find interesting holiday scenarios for kindergarten;


easiest thing to write a holiday script yourself. The fact is that if you are a caregiver, no one knows your children better than you, doesn’t know their interests and characteristics of behavior. Ready scripts that are laid out in the network and published, were written either under some abstract children or under someone else’s. If you write the script for the first time, then take as a basis one of the finished ones, but supplement it, rewrite so that your children and their parents especially enjoy the holiday. By the way, you can compose scripts with your parents — it’s also good practice for them.

However, time for writing a script is not always there. Then come out three: internet, acquaintances from other kindergartens and specialized literature. On the Internet there are many thematic sites on which, firstly, you can download ready-made scripts, and secondly, ask advice from other educators through forums. Examples of such sites are children’s portal “Solnyshko”, “Party-Kinder”, “Doshvod” and others. There you can find scenarios of matinees, March 8, New Year’s Day, Birthday Day and more. You can also find scripts of performances that can be staged in the garden.

Another option is to seek help from colleagues, and not just on the internet. Surely you have familiar educators from other gardens, teachers of preschool education, etc. They also spend various holidays with their kids, so why not borrow from them one of the scripts. Still, try to adapt someone else’s script to the characteristics and needs of their children.

Compilations of finished scripts can be purchased in hard copy. For example, there is a wonderful book by Irina Zinina, “Scenarios of Holidays in Kindergarten and Home.” In it interesting information can also be found by parents — because they also have to arrange holidays for children, for example, Birthday. There is still a good book by Natalia Zaretskaya “Scenarios of Holidays for Kindergarten”. The book has holiday plans for every age group and for every occasion. In general, well study the shelf with literature for educators in the bookstore — be sure to find what suits you.

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