Where to do yoga on fresh air

For classes you need to choose such a place where you can not only effectively exercise, but also put it. After all, yoga is not just a complex of physical exercises, it also involves spiritual self-cleansing. This means that one of the most optimal options for outdoor activities can be a small park. It is desirable that it be located as far away from the road as possible. In Moscow, for example, one of the best venues for yoga classes is considered the Hermitage Park or the garden of the Bauman Institute.

The second option is the roof of any high-rise building. Here a number of requirements will be much wider. First, it must be quite solid and new. Second, agreement is needed with the building owner and security. Third, only a limited number of participants can be present on the roof. This is due to the fact that the organizers of the classes should avoid situations that could be potentially dangerous. Such events can be accessed only by appointment.

A number of yoga centers organize classes on summer verandas that are located directly in or near the center or in special spas that have a quiet and cozy territory. In this case, the peace of those involved will not be disturbed, and effective training and meditation will be provided.

Alternatively, you can do yoga in the fresh air at your own dacha. The advantages of this option are a huge number – it is also an opportunity to exercise at any time convenient for you, and individual training, and lack of unwanted visitors. From the cons you can highlight the fact that it is unlikely that you will be able to provide yourself with a trainer. Therefore, the kind of yoga classes alone will only be suitable for those who are already familiar with this ancient art of relaxation.

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