Where to buy Galaxy III in 2017

You will need
  • – internet;
  • – computer;
  • – passport.

Purchase an innovative Samsung phone model at special sales points available in almost all cities of Russia. These include MTS (RTS), Euroset, Computer World, MegaFon, Kay, Svyaznoy, etc. The price of the Galaxy III, the availability of a smartphone, as well as special promotions are at the disposal of the shop-seller. To avoid going just like this, it is better to call the store you are interested in and clarify all the questions. Store addresses and additional sales points can be found at samsung.com.


With the Internet, it is possible not only to specify the addresses of retail stores, but also to buy Galaxy III. For example, the offline store Svyaznoy has an online version, where you can get acquainted with the characteristics of the selected phone in detail, see prices, possible purchase options on credit.


Also there are online stores producing a Galaxy III sale only through the network. For example, Android service (android-root.ru) or “CenterCommunications”. On the website, fully read the information about the sale, delivery and warranty of the selected product. Some shops have distribution points, some work only with home delivery.


You can buy Galaxy III through the sites on which sell their belongings ordinary people. For example, there are offers on this phone on molotok.ru. When making this purchase, be prepared that the appearance will not necessarily meet the ideal, because the phone has already been in use. But, sometimes, oversell and brand new things. Good if the seller will be from your town or nearest locality. Be sure to check the purchased goods for performance, specify the availability of warranty.


If you or your acquaintances go on vacation to Europe, you can buy Galaxy III at any electronics store. However, it is necessary to be careful here: in Europe and the USA we practice selling mobile equipment at a lower price, but with a contract from the local mobile operator for 2 years. Specify the possibility to buy Galaxy III and price it without any SIM cards. Ask for a TaxFree check to take advantage of the tax refund when crossing the border.

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