Where the universe came from

All versions of the origin of the universe can be divided into three main groups-ideas. Theologians of all religious denominations insist on the Divine creation of the world and everything. The second group belongs to the most popular among scientists — the “big bang theory”.

According to this version, there was originally a single matter. It gradually compressed and eventually, under the influence of its own energy, broke into cosmic dust, which then joined together to form modern asteroids, planets and other objects of the universe.
This process is very long. According to scientists, it took many billions of years.

In the mid-seventies of the last century, astronomers Tammann and Sendij presented the scientist to the world their calculations, which followed that there was a “big bang” of about 15 billion years ago.

The third group – idea includes the philosophical and scientific theory about the creation of the universe by a certain Absolute. Adherents of this idea suggest the existence of white holes in which a substance absorbed by black holes is ejected. Under the influence of the energies of white cosmic holes, spatiotemporal vortices, gradually expanding, disintegrated into torsion fields. This process is comparable to the phases of human birth and development.

But these are certainly not the only theories and hypotheses of the creation of the universe. For example, under the theory of the creation of the universe by a black hole, every particle sucked in by black holes is endowed with enormous energy and can explode. This is what will be the big bang giving rise to a new universe that will give rise to new black holes and they will create new Universes.

Each of the existing theories of the origin of the universe has a right to life. Indeed, humanity still knows very little about the world in which it lives. And even less — about how it’s arranged.

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