Where the 1972 Summer Olympics took place

Before the start of the Olympics in Munich first built a subway, completely reconstructed the city center, recreated the road system. The new complex of sports facilities consisted of an Olympic village for 10 thousand inhabitants, an Olympic stadium for 80 thousand seats, a sports palace, a large swimming pool, a bicycle track for 13 thousand seats and others gyms and venues. Especially for the Games, a new Olympic stadium (Olympiastadion) was built, the unusual roof design of which resembled a web.

Most of the Olympic venues in Munich were equipped with modern means of urgent information (electronic computing machines, scoreboards, measuring instruments with the help of a laser beam , multipliers for printing press bulletins, etc.) Television opportunities have been widely exploited, with the Olympic Games able to see more than a billion people across all continents.

On September 5, 1972 there was an unprecedented tragedy in the history of sports. Terrorists of the Palestinian organization managed to enter one of the pavilions of the Olympic village at 4:30 a.m. They took several members of the Israeli delegation hostage, 11 of whom were later killed, and a German policeman died as well. This case shook the whole world, but the games were decided to continue.

Soviet athletes faced a difficult task, it was necessary to win 50 gold medals by the 50th anniversary of the USSR, surpassing the United States. They performed it by winning exactly 50 awards of the highest test, Olympians from the United States received 33 medals. In total, participants of the USSR received 99 medals at the 1972 Summer Olympics, 27 silver and 22 bronze medals.

The Soviet Union men’s national basketball team received gold medals for the first time, defeating Team USA in a tense match. Two gold medals remained for Soviet boxers: Vyacheslav Lemeshev of Moscow and Boris Kuznetsov of Astrakhan. Freestyle wrestlers received five gold medals. Soviet gymnasts showed themselves to a very high level, winning several gold medals in various competitions. All gold medals in canoeing and kayaking in both women and men went to Soviet rowers. The competitions of the XX Summer Olympics showed a high level of training of all participants During their course, 94 Olympic and 46 world records were set.

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