Where the 1968 Winter Olympics took place

The final decision that the games will be held in Grenoble was made at a meeting of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1964. Grenoble’s rivals were the Japanese city of Sapporo, Norway’s capital of Oslo and Lake Placid, located in the United States. The French ski resort won by a slight overweight in the last round during the competition with the bid of the Canadian city of Calgary.

In 4 years, several special sports facilities were built in Grenoble for the games, such as the Olympic Stadium. The slopes for ski and toboggan competitions already existed, which reduced the financial cost of preparing for the Olympics.

Only 37 states participated in the games. These competitions were the debut for the Morocco team. Also, the Olympiad of 1968 became the first in which the national teams of the GDR and Germany took part separately.

The first place in the unofficial medal standings was taken by Norway, which reflected the high level of training of athletes of this team in winter sports. Norwegian skiers performed best. Skaters and biathletes also brought several medals.

Second with only one medal behind was the Soviet Union. Gold was received by the USSR national ice hockey team. Excellent performed Soviet skaters. The pair of Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov took first place, while Tatiana Zhuk and Alexander Gorelick came second. Also one gold went to the Soviet athlete for ski jumping, which was a significant success for the USSR in this discipline. The

third was the team of France – the host country of the competition. Almost all the medals of the national team were brought by alpine skiers, whose level in France is traditionally high. The United States team showed very average results, finishing 9th overall. The country’s only gold medal came from Peggy Fleming, competing in single figure skating.

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