Where the 1960 Winter Olympics took place

VIII Winter Olympics were held in the United States in Squaw Valley, it was the second occasion of North America’s acceptance of the Winter Olympiad. 665 athletes from 30 countries participated in these games. The special feature of this Winter Olympiad was that for the first time the games were held so high in the mountains — the valley of the Squaw Valley is located at an altitude of 1889 meters above sea level.

The opening ceremony of the 1960 Winter Olympics was held on 18 February at the Ice Stadium and was attended by 15000 spectators. What’s interesting is that the opening program was prepared personally by Walt Disney.

Following the results of the Olympics, the first place in the team competition was taken by athletes from the USSR, who won 7 gold, 5 silver and 9 bronze medals. The second place went to the combined team of Germany, it included athletes from Germany, the GDR and West Berlin — they won 4 gold medals, 3 silver and 1 bronze. The USA team went to third place — 3 gold awards, 4 silver and 3 bronze.

At the 1960 Games, biathlon was included in the competition program for the first time, which later became one of the most spectacular sports disciplines of the Winter Olympiads. Swede Klas Lestander won his first Olympic gold medal, Finn Antti Türväinen took silver, Soviet Olympian Alexander Privalov took bronze.

Soviet athletes had a very large advantage in speed skating, taking six gold medals out of eight, three silver and three bronze medals. Unsuccessful skiing races, in the asset of the USSR got only one award of the highest test (Maria Gusakova, 10 km) two silver and four bronze medals. In this discipline, the bulk of the awards were played among themselves by Swedes, Finns and Norwegians.

The performance of the Soviet national hockey team, which took only the third place, was considered a failure. First place was won by Team USA, second by Canada. To the Americans the Soviet Ice Druzhina lost with a score of 2:3, from the Canadians suffered the largest defeat — 5:8.

Figure skating at the time was dominated by Americans. As in the last Olympics, skaters from the United States won two gold medals, one went to Canadians. The Soviet skaters were not among the runners-up; their stellar hour was still to come.

In ski jumping there was no equal to GDR athlete Helmut Reknagel. Second place went to Finland, third to Austria.

After the closure of the Eighth Winter Olympics, a series of stamps commemorating the Squaw Valley Games was issued in the USSR.

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