Where photo radars

Total in the capital it is planned to install about 600 video cameras in the near future. In St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, photoradars have been installed and are working already on 10 highways.

The practice of installing photoradars in the city limits in the areas of general schools and preschool institutions is spreading. It is certainly justified, as it forces unscrupulous drivers to adhere to the specified speed mode regardless of the situation on this site. After all, a fleeting assessment of the situation can sometimes fail. Sort of a free transition, and you can slip the cut without especially reducing the speed. Especially – there is no inspector of DPS. And then suddenly, from where you come, and pops out the playing kid in the ring running away from the comrade. There would be no problems on the recommended speed sign, and in this situation…

Mobile photo radars, such as the CHRIS P model, can be installed on any part of the route and on this cause become an unpleasant surprise for careless drivers. Mobile post in this case for them is a traffic police vehicle, from the battery of which is powered by a radar speed meter.

It is important to understand, and especially it concerns officials of traffic police first of all, that the main purpose of installing photoradars is the task of improving discipline on roads. Yes, through material punishment of careless drivers. But still, not replenishing the police budget should be pursued with photo radars as hidden traps.

The use of impartial and incorruptible fixers of speed violations is also an important component in the fight against corruption and bribery in traffic police. Therefore, the locations of photoradars should not represent a secret in any way, but on the contrary they should be marked with warning signs. Otherwise it will become again the subject of corruption, the “secret” will be reported to the chosen and sold.

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