Where Greenpeace activists set a cabusula with snow

So the environmental organization tries to attract public attention and hinder the company’s plans to develop oil wells on shelf of the Arctic. Greenpeace environmentalists are confident that such a blunt intervention could trigger a spill of huge oil reserves, similar to what happened in the Gulf of Mexico at the fault of BP.

About 20 people took part in the action. In the same morning they entered the headquarters of Royal Datch-Shell, located near Paris. The Greens had the entrance to the building barricaded so that police and Shell employees would not be able to enter. A capsule of artificial snow was installed on the very top floor of the office building, snow was spread out on the floor and tables in all rooms, on the floor and glass activists left black prints bear paws. Hours later, police entered the building, virtually all participants were arrested.

On the official website of environmentalists it is specified that the action was held within the framework of the movement “Let’s Save the Arctic”.

The Shell representative office visited by the “polar bears” is located in the city of Colombes, Haute-Seine department, near Paris, France. In addition, similar Greenpeace promotions have been held in other countries – in the offices and gas stations of this oil and gas company.

So, in Hamburg at the station was installed a three-meter replica of the oil tower, from its top on artificial ice was flowing black liquid. In the UK, activists dressed as polar bears at more than 70 Shell gas stations have deactivated pumps feeding fuel into tanks. In the

same week, “greens” with a capsule of artificial snow visited Shell’s headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands, and also picketed around 40 gas stations in Germany.

As stated on Greenpeace’s official website, protests will continue as long as “a fleet of Arctic annihilators heads towards one of the last pristine places on Earth” .

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