When will the end of the world by predictions

In many religions, the end of the world is described the same way: after a world disaster destroying cities, a flood and a fire in whose fire will follow All the wicked will burn. Once purified by the end of the world, the world will have to be reborn There is also a mention of the end of the world in the Bible, but the exact date is not given. But the Mayan priests are supposed to call 2012 the year that will become disastrous for humanity. They have determined with high precision and the day โ€” it falls on December 21. However, recently there have been rebuttals to this, but in many inhabitants of the Earth this date causes the most unpleasant associations and unadulterated fear.

Not left out of the discussion of the issue and predictions of doomsday environmentalists. After analyzing human development history, they gave several options for its further development in their WWF Living Planet Report. In one variant, 2050 is called the year of the apocalypse. Of course, I don’t want to believe in it, according to the conclusion of environmentalists based on the data provided to them by scientists from the Zoological Society of London and the organization Global Footprint.

Somewhat different is the date of the end of the world predicted by the great English mathematician Isaac Newton. According to his calculations, the Earth would cease to exist in 2060, 1260 years after the Holy Roman Empire was formed. The

predictions made by the famous French medieval physician and alchemist Nostradamus inspire greater optimism. Many researchers, studying his allegorical predictions, tend to find coincidences with historical events that have already passed. If the French soothsayer is to be believed, humanity will be able to live to 3797.

If you collect all the censure, it becomes clear that for the next 8-10 years there is no sense to make any plans โ€” up to 2020 more than 10 world cataclysms, similar to to end the world. The reasons are called very different: the fall of a meteorite, the disappearance of oil reserves and the war for natural resources, the disruption of the space cycle and a significant change in the poles of our planet, its transition to fourth dimension, nuclear war.

As can be seen, humanity has many options to cease to exist in the coming years. However, we should not forget that he has already managed to survive more than one dozen dates on which the grief prophets appointed the Judgment Day.

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