When there are paid parking in Moscow

In early April 2012, Mayor of the capital Sergey Sobyanin announced his intention to create paid city parking in central Moscow. Today, parking spaces, which are located within the street and road networks, are free, and the cost of parking on private parking lots is about 60-100 p. per hour. The Moscow government plans that from the beginning of 2013 new paid parking will appear as part of the Boulevard Ring.

According to the city’s transportation department, the pilot project, which includes a number of the first paid parking lots, will be operational from November 1, 2012. Parking will be organized on the streets Petrovka and Karetny Row. It is assumed that the payment of places in the street and road network will be made in a cashless way. As

early as August 2012, a website with an interactive scheme of available parking is expected to be launched online. Explanatory and consulting work will also be organized for Moscow residents in a specialized call-center.

During the pilot project, specific mechanisms for the implementation of changes in parking will be worked out, a system of information on availability of spaces will be developed. An important part of the project is working out an effective system of payment and control over paid parking.

Prior to the introduction of paid parking, all relevant approvals with the concerned departments will be carried out, as well as changes to the existing legal acts of Moscow. In addition to organizational and legal and explanatory work, the city government will need to prepare road transport infrastructure, material and technical base of future parking lots, updating markings and road signs.$

The purpose of the innovation, according to RIA “Novosti”, is to provide convenience for residents of Moscow and reduce traffic congestion in the busiest parts of the city. How effective the proposed measures will prove, time will tell.

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