When the new Amazon smartphone appears

Amazon Corporation is one of the largest internet companies. The release of the new product under the same name brand will take place until the end of 2012. The company promises instead of the budget model to present a full-fledged communicator, able to make decent competition to current flagships from HTC, Samsung and other eminent manufacturers.

Amazon will take a quad-core mobile processor with the third-generation NVIDIA Tegra graphics accelerator as the basis of the future device. However, this is not the final choice. It’s possible that Amazon will favor the new Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 quad-core. According to the results of various tests, this processor was quite productive.

The Android OS will be used as a platform for the communicator, as for the tablet from Amazon. However, from the Internet giant Google, which owns the rights to this operating system, confirmation of this information has not yet been received.

Amazon has every chance of securing some share of the smartphone market just as it did with tablet computers. The Kindle Fire tablet created by her, demonstrating the perfect combination of quality and price, made a real stir. In a short time, this product brought millions of dollars to the company. This year Amazon will release several more modifications to the tablet device, the announcements of which will be held in late 2012.

The new Amazon gadget will be sold at cost (the price will not exceed $170), because the company’s goal in this project is not to pass positions in the competition with Google and Apple and make money on content. It is assumed that the smartphone will promote Amazon products such as music service, e-books, movies. Nor is it excluded that it will become an addition to Kindle Fire.

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