When is the Dalai Lamas birthday

His Holiness’s birthday is celebrated on July 6. It was on this day in 1935 that Tenzin Gyatso was born — a simple boy from a poor peasant family who later became a leader of Tibetan Buddhism and a distinguished person.

He was chosen on the Buddhist principle of reincarnation, according to which the soul of the deceased Dalai Lama is resettled into a newly born baby, so that he has extensive knowledge and skills yet as a child. Since the Dalai Lama XIII once noticed that he would like to be born again in a beautiful village called Taktsar, the future ruler and began to look there. After the traditional trials of all the kids, a special group of lamas who came to the village, the four-year-old Tenzin was recognized as the person in whom the spirit of the Dalai Lama XIII was reincarnated. He was taken from his parents’ home, and already a year later Tenzin Gyatso was enthroned and proclaimed Dalai Lama XIV.

He was trained in the traditional system from the best mentors who gave him knowledge of logic, Tibetan culture, medicine, Sanskrit, philosophy, music, poetry, astrology, wordplay and dramatic art. Then brilliantly passed the examination on them before 20000 scholar-monks and received the title of Doctor of Theology.

During his reign, the Dalai Lama did much for his people, dedicating his life to the fight for the peace and well-being of Tibet. His policies rejected any violence, and he always advocated mutual understanding between peoples of different countries and religions.

Not surprisingly, on the day he was born, he only hears kind words from followers of a wide variety of religions. On this holiday, prayers for the health, well-being and longevity of His Holiness are recited in the country’s Lamaist temples, while millions of ordinary people send his best wishes.

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