When in St. Petersburg the white nights

White nights in St. Petersburg start May 25-26. Already at this time, evening twilight begins to merge with morning dawn. It is caused by the fact that the sun drops beyond the horizon by only 9 degrees. As a result, nights become light. On June 22, the duration of the day is 18 hours 53 minutes. The solstice is observed for three days, after which the length of the day is gradually reduced. July 17 is the end of white nights.

View white nights in St. Petersburg thousands of tourists from all countries. At this time, the city is riddled with romance, guests and natives become dreamers. This mood is created due to the fact that all temples, monuments, bridges, fences, houses become unrealistically beautiful, it creates a feeling that from the real world tourists got into a fairy tale where all desires will come true.

There are festivals and festivities in the city during the white nights. Since 2005 it is customary to celebrate the brightest and most beautiful holiday of graduates under the fabulous name “Scarlet Sails”. Concerts begin on Palace Square, on the Strelka of Vasilievsky Island. In conclusion a light-pyrotechnic show in the water area of Neva is held. Three million viewers gather annually to watch the multimedia show.

To get to St. Petersburg from 25 May to 17 July, you need to book tickets in advance. All flights are crowded with tourists dreaming of spending a holiday in the city of white nights.

Hotels are also overcrowded. Currently, the situation has changed somewhat, there are many private hotels and inns in the city, but even they can’t accommodate everyone. Therefore, you need to book seats in advance.

Once they see white nights, most tourists return to St. Petersburg again and again to feel romantic and immerse themselves in the fabulous atmosphere.

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