When eBay auction opens Russian representation

eBay for a long time did not give an unambiguous answer to the question of whether the opening of a full-fledged Russian representative office will take place. This question is now beyond doubt. eBay has already announced the appointment of Vladimir Dolgov, head of eBay Marketplaces in the Russian Federation since July 2, 2012. a division of Google. The exact start date of eBay’s official representative office in Russia is not yet known.

American company eBay has long started to develop its business in the Russian market. In March 2010, the Russified website eBay.ru was launched, giving the opportunity to purchase at affordable prices a huge number of goods, many of which are impossible to buy in ordinary Russian stores. Thus, for Russian buyers, access was given to a virtually complete catalog of items available for purchase on the American marketplace of eBay.com.

Russified online auction eBay although enjoyed great popularity among Russian buyers, it did not give opportunities for full work with the trading platform. Payment operator PayPal, through which all transactions were carried out, allowed only to make purchases, but not to accept payments. To put it another way, Russian users could not display their goods at auction, it was not possible to withdraw money for their sale. This restriction was lifted in autumn 2011. Now you can withdraw money, however, only to an account in an American bank, which also causes certain difficulties.

It is expected that the opening of a full-fledged Russian representative office eBay will lead to the fact that working with the international trading platform for Russian users will become as convenient as possible and available.

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