When a new Polaroid emerge

Everything new is a well-forgotten old. This famous saying was guided by the manufacturers of the recently introduced Polaroid Z2300 camera. The device, able immediately after shooting to print the finished picture, is made in the style of retro. The camera has a sensor of 10 megapixels. Built-in photographic printer makes it possible to print 2×3 inch photos, using the so-called Zink technology — ink printing without the application of ink.

The device uses waterproof paper resistant to stains. It contains miniature crystals that, when heated, turn into points of different colors. From yellow, purple and blue dots a minute after shooting and a high quality photo is obtained. The photo itself resembles in appearance former Polaroid shots, only in landscape format.

Those journalists who had time to test the Polaroid Z2300 noted the camera’s lack of focus, which could not but affect the quality of the future image. This disadvantage is compensated by the increased functionality — the camera is equipped with a high-resolution video shooting feature. In addition to the ability to print photos immediately in place, the camera has a large memory that allows you to save up to several hundred pictures. The LCD screen allows you to view the finished pictures and place them in separate folders.

The estimated cost of the camera in the US is $160, a pack of fifty paper cards will cost about $25. It is also planned to later master the release of paper, which can be glued to the right place after shooting. The company expects to release the novelty on sale on August 15, 2012. Those wishing already have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the appearance and technical characteristics of the Z2300 on the Polaroid website.

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