Whats Instaglasses

In the fall of 2010, a free mobile app with the name Instagram appeared online. It allows you to apply different filters to images taken using the device and distribute the resulting image online through your own Instagram service and popular web services. This spring, the app was purchased by the company that owns the social network Facebook, and its popularity increased further. In the same year, Google announced its promising development – Project Glass. These are glasses that project a computer image onto the retina of the eye, and this image is formed using voice commands.

These two components are combined by Berlin designer Markus Gercke into the concept of eyewear, which is the intermediate link between modern technologies of Instagram and only the project Glass being developed. The concept, called Instaglasses, according to his idea should combine sunglasses with a 5-megapixel digital camera, the image of which is processed by the processor using filters of the service Instagram and projected onto the inside surface of the right glass. The desired filter for the picture is selected by a switch on glasses, in the left glass of which the user sees an undistorted and unprocessed image. By pressing a button placed directly between the eyes, an image with a superimposed filter can be sent to the Internet via the social media services available to the Instagram app.

Professionally executed pictures and descriptions of the concept gained wide popularity among the online public. Now the German designer daily has to devote some of his time to explaining that this is nothing more than a fantasy, and there are no plans for its embodiment.

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