What you cant eat during pregnancy


During pregnancy, refuse products containing harmful supplements that may affect fetal development. These include chips, instant products, croutons, sodas and other products with dyes, preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, thickeners, flavor enhancers.


Coffee and drinks containing caffeine contribute to increased blood pressure, which is undesirable during pregnancy and especially dangerous in gestosis . In addition, caffeine prevents calcium absorption and has the feature of washing out important trace elements such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron and phosphorus from the body. Coffee can be replaced with chicory.


To avoid the appearance of allergies in the future baby, do not get carried away with citrus, exotic fruits, chocolate, strawberries.


Limit the consumption of fried, smoked, fatty and spicy dishes. They significantly overload the liver and gallbladder, which during pregnancy due to uterine growth work in a strenuous mode. To avoid stress on the kidneys and the appearance of swelling, limit the consumption of pickles and other canned products containing a large amount of salt.


Limit eating fish high in mercury (tuna, perch, swordfish, shark, orange Australian yersh, royal makerel) and soft cheeses (camembert, brie, cheese with mold). These cheeses are made on the basis of unpasteurized milk, in which pregnancy-hazardous bacteria may persist. It is also impossible to eat sushi with raw fish, as it can contain pathogens that can cause harm to both the future mother and the fetus.


Do not eat raw chicken eggs or eggs crumple. Through them it is possible to contract salmonellosis or other gastrointestinal diseases. Don’t forget to wash your egg shells thoroughly before cooking.


Alcohol is on a list of prohibited foods for a pregnant woman. Alcoholic drinks are capable of causing huge harm to the fetus. So you should give up even the minimum dose.


If you like herbal teas or use vernacular treatments when getting sick, pay attention to herbs and natural foods that do not recommend consumption during pregnancy. For example, garlic, barbaris, aloe, allspice, pyjma increase the tone of the uterus. The St. John’s is able to raise blood pressure. If eating herbs, consult your doctor in advance.

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