What would entail banning alcohol advertising in SMI


initiators of such amendments to the law were deputies Sergey Zheleznyak and Igor Rudensky. They made a proposal to completely ban advertising of alcoholic beverages in all media, including periodicals, as well as on the Internet.

The amended law “On Advertising” will enter into force on July 23, 2012. However, the total absence of advertising of alcoholic beverages Russians will be able to notice only from January 1, 2013 — from this day all contracts for the promotion of such products, concluded in this year between representatives of the media, the Internet and companies producing alcohol.

According to experts, such changes will bring losses to the media by several billion rubles, because advertising of liquor is one of the most common and profitable items. Especially affected by the new bill will be those sites that provided themselves solely by placing on their pages advertising of alcoholic products. Many of them will simply cease to exist.

As for liquor producers, their losses from new amendments to the law would be significantly lower. It will be harder for all young and unknown firms that will no longer be able to declare themselves and their own products through advertising in the media and the Internet. However, they will be able to bet on those consumers who, when choosing a product, focus more on its value than on the famous brand. And products of popular companies will be sold in the same volume, as their goods have already proven themselves on the market.

Russian drug doctors especially welcome the new law. In their opinion, the lack of advertising of alcoholic products in the media will reduce the consumption of alcohol in the country and help lead a sober life to those who deliberately and with great difficulty refused liquor.

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