What will Google

In July 2012, the company plans to release 5 models of a 7-inch tablet based on OS Android 5.0. It is assumed that all models will be manufactured by different mobile phone manufacturers. In addition, new tablets will come on sale, bypassing cellular operators. This will allow owners to quickly get new firmware. If you resort to the mediation of a cellular operator, it will decide when the owner of the smartphone will receive an update, and whether it will receive at all. About 600,000 tablets are expected to come on the market, priced at approximately $200.

Google Inc. is working on a new project — 3D city maps. In order to obtain a volumetric picture, the results of aerial surveys are processed. At the same time, the user creates the illusion of flying over the city in their own helicopter. The first maps of several major U.S. cities will be available to users as early as Q4 2012. In addition, the company is preparing to release a version for Android-based phones and smartphones. These devices can be used without an internet connection. The map will become an app to Google Earth’s service.

In 2013, Google Inc. plans to release Google Glass — digital glasses that can replace many electronic devices — from camera to tablet. This device runs on the Android platform and is controlled by both touches and gestures. Communication with other devices is via WiFi Direct or Bluetooth 3.0.

The company is preparing for release a self-driving car. The smart car provides manual control, but it is assumed that there will be no need for it. The machine will be controlled by artificial intelligence, which processes data from the GPS navigator and signals from various sensor sensors. Developers promise that their ideas will help reduce road accidents. Mass production of “smart cars” is scheduled to start until 2020.

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