What will explain the discovery of the Higgs boson

In the prevailing view of the structure of the universe at the micro level, it is believed that all its constituent matter is woven from elementary particles that manifest themselves twofold. On the one hand they are exactly particles, that is, discrete objects, and on the other hand are waves, that is, objects are continuous. Wave manifestations of elementary particles create fields whose interactions condition the physical properties of all macroobjects consisting of particles – from molecules to galaxies. In the last century scientists described how objects made up of elementary particles interact, and even deduced precise formulas. In these formulas, masses of interacting bodies are necessarily present in one form or another. However, the mechanism of occurrence in elementary particles of mass was not explained until the sixties of the last century.

The theory, with which most scientists agreed, was proposed by British physicist Peter Higgs. In his opinion, the occurrence of mass in elementary particles is caused by the existence until then of an unknown field consisting of particles even smaller than all already recorded. Breaking through the invisible veil of this field, elementary particles and acquire a property that is perfectly laid into the modern concept of mass. The particles created by the name of this scientist were named by the name of this scientist and attributed to bosons, i.e. elementary units of matter, in which wave nature prevails.

If the existence of the Higgs boson can be confirmed in practice, it will mean that there are no contradictions in modern theory of the structure of matter. Correct will also be derived from this theory of the emergence of the universe, in which the new particle is assigned the role of initiator – the cause of the breakdown of equilibrium, with time leading to the formation of planets, stars and galaxies in the form in which we now observe them. This is why the Higgs boson has already been nicknamed the “god particle”.

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