What will be new in the parks of Moscow

In some parks in the capital (Izmailovsky, Sokolniki, Hermitage Garden), co-working will be arranged, i.e. places for remote work, equipped with benches and having a free wi-fi zone. They will be useful to freelancers, as well as novice businessmen who do not yet have the opportunity to rent even a modest office.

Two observatories in Gorky Park and Sokolniki are scheduled to open in early autumn. They were very popular in the Soviet era, and after the collapse of the USSR fell into decline due to the cessation of funding. Now on their restoration and equipment will be spent about 20 million rubles. It is planned that in the restored building of the observatory in Sokolniki will not only be observed, but also work a club of young astronomy lovers called “Zvezchet”. The main instrument of the observatory is the telescope-reflector, which has a diameter of the main mirror of 40 centimeters.

Also in Sokolniki Park in late July plan to open a new beach located on the site of the old Dolphin pool. It will be equipped with two pools. This beach is an entertainment complex, where there will be various variety events in addition to water treatments. Entrance to its territory will be paid (1000 rubles). The beach will operate until September 30, and then on its territory in winter can arrange a skating rink or ice slides. Car parking is provided for visitors, within the complex payment of services will be made by means of special cards.

The park administration is confident that the entertainment complex “Beach” will enjoy great popularity among Muscovites. As for the paid entrance, the administration indicates that the ticket price of 1000 rubles is much lower than for some similar complexes in Moscow (for example, in Gorky Park or on the territory of Vodnoi Stadiums).

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