What useful gooseberry;

Gooseberry berries in its rich composition of vitamins and minerals outnumber many others. They contain a large amount of vitamin C, which can support the body, as well as vitamin P (which strengthens blood vessels and prevents internal hemorrhage). It is worth noting that vitamin P is much more in red fruits than in green ones.
Sufficient amounts of folic acid present in gooseberries are beneficial for people with anemia.

There is also serotonin, normalizing nervous system functions and blood pressure, as well as preventing the development of malignant tumors. Berries also contain pectin in its composition, which is capable of binding and excreting salts of heavy metals from the human body (strontium including).

It is recommended to use gooseberries to people with impaired metabolism, with increased vascular permeability and anemia. These fruits are used as biliary and diuretic. In the first case, berries are used in diseases of the biliary tract and liver, in the second – in diseases of the bladder and kidney.

To get rid of extra kilos, use gooseberries as the main product to unload. Berries are successfully used in dietary nutrition to treat obesity, with fruit being eaten for several weeks at 900 grams per day. The calorie content of food on unloading days should be as limited as possible.

The beneficial properties of berries are especially important for pregnant women, gooseberry helps the body to the maximum replenish mineral and vitamin composition, provides prevention of anemia and prevents kidney disease. In intense heat, this wonderful berry is able to prevent swelling.

It is not recommended to consume gooseberries in large numbers of people with duodenal and stomach diseases in the stage of aggravation, colitis and enteritis accompanied by liquid stool.

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