What to watch at the 34th Moscow International Film Festival

The marking opening of the festival was Roman Prygunov’s Russian picture “DUHLESS”, shot based on Sergei Minayev’s novel of the same name.

New Russian ribbons are presented as part of the main competition. Renata Litvinova’s film “The Last Tale of Rita” and Andrei Proshkin’s “Horde” was shown again.

Other films featured in the main category: “80 Million” directed by Waldemar Krzystek, “Presence of Splendor” produced by Italian Ferzan Ospeteca, “All Cops Basterers” Italian director Stefano Sollima, “Growing up with the Wind” by Rahbar Ganbari, “The Naked Cove” by Aku Lowhimiez, “The Apostle” by Fernando Cortizo, “The Door” by Istvan Szabo, “The Gulf Stream Over the Iceberg” by Eugene Pashkevich, Chen Li’s “Cherry on the Pomegranate Tree”, Tinja Krishnan’s “Scum”, Branko Schmidt’s “Cannibal Vegitarian”, Kirill Stankov’s “July”, Ksenia Marquez’s “Shelf Life”.

Co-produced films presented at the international film festival as part of the main programme are “Hell Flame” and “Lonely Island”.

The most popular international film festival is for screening films never before shown on the territory of the Russian Federation. The exception is a special and retrospective screening.

Russia is presented by Renata Litvinova’s film “The Last Tale of Rita” and Andrei Proshkin’s “Horde”. Renata is the lead role performer and the author of the screenplay. The film’s soundtrack was composed by Zemfira.

Non-competitive works are not less interesting than presented at the competition. It’s worth watching director Wes Anderson’s work “Kingdom of the Full Moon.” The film drew attention back at the Cannes Festival. Ulrich Seidl’s work is an equally interesting film called “Paradise. Love.” All in all, look at what. The audience and participants of the Moscow International Film Festival were pleased.

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