What to do in a flood

In the event of a flood threat, any means of body or radio broadcasting should be included. Thoughtfully examine the information coming from the flood commission. Try to implement all the recommendations of this unit in the near future.

Now turn off all electrical appliances. It is best to cut off electricity access to a house or a particular apartment. For this purpose, we recommend using special blocks. Remove all wires from sockets. Turn off the gas equipment. All valuables are better placed in secure storage or moved to upper floors. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of spoiling them.

Close doors and windows tightly. You can even reinforce these building elements by stabbing them with boards. Naturally, you need to leave at least one valid exit from the premises. Prepare for evacuation. Don’t forget to make sure pets are not locked up.

If there has not yet been arranged evacuation arrangements in your locality, stay on the upper floors of the buildings. If the water level rises quickly, you can occupy the roofs. In the dark, it is recommended to use any available means to attract the attention of rescuers. It can be any lighting devices and periodic screams.

During the evacuation, comply with the requirements of the rescuers. Keep calm and be careful. If you have your own swimming aid, use it for self-evacuation. In such cases, it is recommended to think the route of the movement in advance

If you are still in the water, first of all remove excess clothes and shoes. Try to swim to the nearest reliable structure and stay on it. Do not try to swim long distances.

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