What to do if girls are born and want a boy

There is a theory that sperm carrying U chromosomes (chromosomes responsible for the male sex of the child) are more active than sperm with X chromosomes, however, are less survivable. While planning the birth of a boy, trying to conceive him follows directly during or before ovulation. It is possible to determine when you have ovulation either by a calendar method or by means of special tests.

Another hypothesis states that during orgasm, a woman’s body produces alkali that kills slow “female” sperm, but nimble sperm with a U chromosome have time reach the egg. Want you to have a boy — suggest your husband to try a good time.

French people have the opinion that a woman needs to adhere to a special diet in order to give birth to a child of the desired sex. Ladies who want a boy should include meat products, eggs, fish, as many spicy and spicy dishes as possible. Fermented milk products and sweets should be temporarily abandoned.

Most mammal communities are built on the principle of one male per multiple females. Normally, the number of sexual acts performed by a male is quite high. If the male mates not often enough, he starts enhanced production of sperm with X chromosomes (not enough females – the mechanism of their reproduction starts). In the opposite situation, where there are too many females per male, on the contrary, sperm counts with U-chromosomes will prevail. So do people. The more often you have sex, the more likely you are to have a boy.

However, the only method you can guarantee the birth of a boy is artificial insemination combined with genetic analysis. To begin with, several mother’s eggs are fertilized, and after analysis, the gender of embryos is determined. “Unwanted” germs are being cleaned up.

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