What to do if a terrorist is near

It is almost impossible to prepare in advance for an act of terrorism, so it is recommended to always be alert. Be careful in crowded places and at a variety of events with large crowds, in hypermarkets and entertainment venues.

As a rule, terrorists try to act covertly without catching the eyes of ordinary citizens and law enforcement agencies. But still their activities and behaviour may prove suspicious and unusual. If you believe that signs of an outsider’s behaviour do not find an explanation, report it to the police immediately. Be as attentive as possible, remember the hallmarks of a person, clothes, scars and tattoos (if any), manners of behavior and subject matter of conversation. By no means try to stop this man on your own, otherwise there is a great risk of becoming his first victim.

If you are suddenly held hostage by a terrorist, assess the situation and try to keep calm, don’t scream, don’t cry, don’t show your fear, so you can even more anger the invaders. Do not engage in a conversation with terrorists and in no case do not resist, dissuade them from the planned plan and do not try to slay them. Perform all their requirements and wait for help, surely negotiations of power structures with invaders are already underway.

You might have to spend a few days in the same room with terrorists, should be prepared for what you might not be allowed to eat and drink for a long time. So save strength, especially if the room is low on oxygen. If you are forbidden to move, perform simple exercises on the spot: strain the muscles of your legs and hands, move your fingers, try not to make sharp movements so as not to anger the invaders.

If you suddenly start the assault, take a position away from doorways and windows, as when shelling the building structures and shards of glass can cause you significant injuries. Stay further away from terrorists, as snipers will start working on them. In case of strong cotton and explosions, strong smell of smoke immediately lie on the floor, close your eyes and head with your hands. Wait for unit employees to lead you out of the building, don’t try to run on your own.

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