What the driver needs now instead of a check

Conscientious car owners visiting technical centers of official dealers will be able not to issue a technical inspection card. This document will replace the diagnostic map. It will include all information about the vehicle that is written out of the service book with the corresponding marks on the maintenance of the vehicle.

Only a diagnostic card will be required when making the OSAGO policy and entering into a compulsory motor vehicle insurance contract. If it is not due to the fact that the driver does not carry out systematic maintenance of the motor vehicle, it is possible to issue insurance and the policy OSAGO without the ticket. At the same time, the policy will be valid only for 20 days so that the driver has the opportunity and time to reach the place of technical inspection or registration of the vehicle.

Vehicle technical inspection reform began in early 2012. Commercial enterprises were allowed to conduct TOs and issue coupons. Cars were hardly inspected. The purpose of commercial enterprises is to obtain money or enter into a contract with insurers and get their percentage of profit after the sale of the OSAGO policy. The findings are obvious. Transfer of technical inspection powers to commercial entities is a hasty and irrational decision.

With the introduction of a diagnostic card instead of a technical inspection card, you can be 100% sure that the car is fully corrected. Car services will be responsible for this.

The changes will help to reduce the number of faulty cars on the roads of the Russian Federation. The car owner will be significantly more profitable to systematically undergo maintenance and at the same time have a number of advantages: a reliable working, fully serviceable car and the ability to do without Technical inspection procedures.

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