What tax will bloggers pay

Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Sergey Zheleznyak expressed opinion from representatives of the presidential administration that the legislation should take into account all changes in the advertising industry. And it’s time to pay attention to the uncontrolled incomes of blog authors.

The MP argues that the Tax Code does not pay enough attention to this problem and is limited to only mentioning the profane spending on advertising, which is carried out through telecommunication networks, which relate to the costs of advertising events.

At the same time experts of tax legislation note that the code already has a law on the obligation of any individual to pay taxes on each income received. This legislative initiative from the “unicoros” would only supplement the law already in place.

Besides, well-known Internet blogger Oleg Kozyrev expressed his point of view that the government thus seeks to limit the manifestation of civic activity. That is, on Internet pages, volunteers often take initiative, ranging from raising money to help victims in Krymsk to gathering protest rallies.

At the same time Boris Makarenko, who holds the post of the Vice President of the Center for Political Technologies declares that there are many types of private professional activity where income is several times can exceed bloggers. It is both home tutoring, and taking, and renting a living space. They for some reason got around with their attention.

Moreover, the “Independent Gazeta” believes that the current leadership of the country continues to tighten in this way the relations of the Russian people with the power. The drafters of the bill report that in case of maintaining this deputy idea, bloggers who evade taxes will be assigned administrative responsibility. Investigation of violations will be handled by the Federal Antimonopoly Service.

Abroad has already had a similar experience of restrictions on the placement of ads on the pages of personal blogs. In 2010, the Philadelphia State Government in the United States of America tried to oblige bloggers who have earnings from advertising to make a one-off fee of $300. Or pay each year at 50$. This bill was immediately passed in bayonets, and was rightly labelled “draconian” in the media. Because the income of bloggers here has clearly been inflated.

If this is applied in Russia, many bloggers will be forced to abandon the conduct of personal countries. Since the blogger’s work, in particular, the blogger’s earnings do not come in any comparison with such taxes. This is the goal, apparently, and the President’s representatives are trying to achieve.

And after all, many law-abiding representatives of information business and so already pay taxes to the state respectively 264 articles 25th chapter of the Tax Code. Some representatives of the blogosphere believe that the new law first of all will hit the authors of registered articles, and opposition bloggers this measure in any way will not disadvantage. Along with that – the discussion continues.

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