What sport to do summer

One of the most popular summer sports is running. At this time of year it is very hot outside at noon, so perform exercises in the morning and evening, avoiding heat. Running improves the heart, is able to train breathing and increase the body’s overall tone. For beginners, a distance of three kilometers, no more. Gradually increase the length of the route. Your path must be divided into two parts — your destination and return road home. After running to half that distance, take a break of ten minutes to regain your breath and rest a little. Don’t talk while running, your breath will gather and you’ll get tired quickly. Try to choose a route that contains many trees, such as a park, riverbank, etc. Fresh air is very important for this sport. After running, be sure to rest for at least 15 minutes before taking up your home duties or other sport. Please note other types of summer active pastime. You can play volleyball on the beach with friends or all your family. During such a session almost all muscle groups work, so this sport is very effective and useful. Moreover, this entertainment will help you to catch fire quickly and evenly. Don’t forget about swimming, because in summer you will have a great opportunity to swim. This activity not only develops the fitness, but also tempers the body. Swimming will be an excellent prevention and treatment of joint and back diseases. Try different styles of this sport so that your training is most effective. There is also plenty of other sports entertainment in the summer. Try rollerskating, they will be a great replacement for winter skates. Don’t forget about the bike, which will not only help you improve your health, but also save on public transport. A very interesting and exciting game is badminton.

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