What sanctions the UN Security Council is preparing on Syria

Despite the declared truce monitored by UN observers, both sides of the conflict are constantly reporting new armed conflicts and victims.$ The new draft resolution is designed to end Syria’s bloody civil war and find a peaceful solution to the problem.

The document was prepared by the UK, USA, France and Germany, in case of non-compliance it provides for the government of Syria and Syrian oppositionists certain sanctions. The new sanctions are to be approved by the Foreign Ministers of the 27 European Union countries at a meeting in Brussels.

The sanctions call for expanding the list of entities and individuals in Syria whose assets in Europe are frozen and entry into European Union countries is banned. In the 16th sanctions package, approved on June 25, 2012, there were 129 Syrian citizens and 49 Syrian companies on this list.

Economic sanctions will also be tightened on Syria. In addition to the arms embargo already in place, it is proposed to ban the insurance of arms supplies to companies in the European Union.

Some disagreement is the proposal of Britain, France, Germany and the United States to take advantage of Article 7 of the UN Charter to ensure that Syria complies with all paragraphs of the resolution. This article allows UN countries to conduct sanctioned military intervention in Syria. British Representative Mark Grant and U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice insist on the need for such pressure on the Syrian government to make clear the mandatory enforcement of all conditions. The

appeal to Article 7 of the Charter is opposed by Russia and China, and the representatives of these countries immediately declared that they would block such a resolution. There was no official explanation for such a decision.

Currently, the members of the UN Security Council are developing a plan for the establishment of an interim government in Syria, in the future this plan should lead to a national dialogue, participation of the people in reform, fair and fair elections.

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