What new method scientists learned to treat aggression

Previously, various psychotherapeutic techniques were offered to combat aggressiveness to the patient, having mastered which, a person could suppress a seizure rage or direct it to another (for example, instead of hitting the abuser, you can tear into shreds a newspaper). Aggressive people were advised to play sports. Adrenaline ejection and sporting angst help deal with the excess of aggression. You can also get carried away with creativity – start painting grim paintings or writing scary short stories, embodying your rage on a piece of paper. However, these techniques did not work on everyone and often had a temporary effect.

And scientists from South Carolina have invented a fundamentally new method of treating aggression. During a study on mice, they found a brain receptor responsible for aggression. When a stressful situation arose, he would send the rage hormone into the blood. There is a similar site in humans. The researchers tried various ways of blocking the receptor — using chemical drugs and other influences — and managed to achieve the disappearance of attacks of irrepressible anger.

According to the scientists, the method of treatment of aggression still needs to be finalized, as all the methods used by them were associated with side effects. In some cases, neighboring lobes of the brain were affected, prolonged intake of certain medications was a danger to life. However, scientists believe they have achieved strong results. They managed to establish the cause of aggression and learn to block the receptor responsible for this pathology, which means they are on the right path. In further trials, the researchers hope to eliminate all side effects and create a medicine that will help sufferers cope with aggression forever.

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