What MOC is answering

The Olympic Charter stipulates the main tasks to be solved by the IOC and establishes the principles of the Olympic movement. The IOC is responsible for the Olympic movement itself, it ensures the regularity of the Olympic Games, encourages and supports the development of sports, coordinates the holding of sports competitions. Its area of responsibility includes issues of ethics in sports, education of young athletes in the spirit of honest and open struggle, prohibition of coercion and violence.

IOC President Jacques Rogge, who has chaired it since 2001, and the Committee’s staff are in contact with public and private organizations from different countries whose activities are aimed at promoting sport served to develop friendly ties between representatives of different countries, strengthen unity and independence of the Olympic movement.

The Committee should stop all types of discrimination in sports, from racial or religious discrimination to gender discrimination. The IOC is fighting against the use of dishonest rivalry techniques and the use of artificial stimulants – doping. It takes all possible measures and efforts aimed at preserving the health of athletes, as well as ensuring their social and professional future.

The IOC is responsible for selecting the cities where the Olympic Games will be held. Therefore, along with their organizers, he is responsible for the preservation of monuments of history, culture and nature in those territories where competitions and Olympic objects will be held. It should promote and maintain the care and responsibility for the preservation of the environment, ensure respect for the principles of environmental safety in the development of sports, monitor compliance with these principles in the Olympic Games.$ The

International Olympic Committee promotes a positive result from the holding of the Olympic Games in different countries and cities. The facilities of the Olympic Games should serve further development of the sport and be used for training of national teams, work of various sports clubs.

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