What Microsoft released new

The main news of this year is the release of Windows 8 operating system. This OS is a logical follower of Windows Seven, focused on working with tablet computers. The main system changes are associated with full-fledged support for touchscreen displays.

Simultaneously, the company refined and released a mobile version of Windows Phone 8, designed to be installed on smartphones. This OS has a number of advantages in relation to the previous version (WP 7.5):
– Support multi-core processors
– work with microSD memory cards
– ability to work with screen resolution up to 1280×768 pixels.

The main goal of WP 8 is to facilitate the creation of applications that are scarce for Windows Phone-based devices. The OS kernel will be similar to that designed for fixed computers. This will greatly simplify software development for both platforms.

From technical novelties, the X-box 720 game console is expected to be released. The main innovation characteristic of this device is the lack of support for disk drives. All games and apps will be downloaded directly from external resources. The option of working with flash cards of a certain format is also considered.

One of the brightest events of the year is the release of two Microsoft Surface tablet computers. These machines run a full-fledged Windows 8 system. The models currently available are distinguished by CPUs and display matrices. The company did its best to produce products capable of competing with Apple devices.

Also worth noting is the release of an updated version of the Office Mobile software suite. The main advantages of these applications are to work with document formats created using Microsoft Office utilities.

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