What mental disorders telephones and computers cause

Scientists from Sweden, staff at the University of Gothenburg, recently revealed that people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer on networks worldwide cobwebs and constantly communicate on a mobile phone, are most at risk of developing mental illness. That conclusion came after more than four thousand people, who are 20-24 years old, took part in the survey.

Computers and phones in most cases caused the subject to depression, disturbed restful sleep and provoked stress. Scientific leader of this research Sarah Tomi argues that it is easy to forget and sit in front of the monitor all day, putting aside personal needs and other matters. Besides, the brain overloads, and sitting in one place has a bad effect on the body. If you play computer games for two hours daily, the probability of developing depressions increases several times, and in the most part women of the beautiful sex.

Night time at the computer is dangerous equally for both women and men. This significantly reduces productivity in the workplace and also initiates sleep problems. And, as is known, undernapping can lead to serious mental health problems and problems.

A mobile phone that is constantly on hand is able to keep a person under constant stress. People stop feeling free because of this, work and personal life don’t delineate. If a person is unwilling or unable to respond to text messages or calls for any reason, then involuntarily there is guilt.

Therefore, if your work involves using a computer, give up your time in front of your home monitor, otherwise it threatens serious problems in terms of mental balance and health.

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