What issues were dealt with at SPIEF

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2012 was an event that allowed its participants to get first-hand information on issues of the global economy.$ Of particular interest was the speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who took up the duties of head of state not so long ago. The guests of the forum were interested in the economic life of Russia and the ways of reforming the financial sphere, outlined by the new government

For three days, leaders of modern economy and leading experts discussed features of Russian-European industrial and business partnership, ways of mitigating the consequences of the world economic crisis, tools to support Russian business.

Within the framework of the forum there was a large-scale discussion for potential investors on Russian real estate issues. Issues related to commercial real estate, housing and important social facilities were addressed. Experts and analysts concluded that the greatest prospects are regional construction in Russia, requiring complex and mixed investments. Investors are increasingly interested in Siberia and the Far East.

Speakers at the forum expressed the view that major investment projects were often hampered by the lack of legislation. The state together with business representatives in the near future needs to determine the conditions of joint participation in projects and the procedure for their financing.

During the forum, more than 5,000 people participated in its meetings. The Forum 2012 was a record number of signed agreements: 84 contracts worth over 360 billion r.s. against 68 agreements worth 338 billion r.s. signed last year. Most participants at SPIEF-2012 noted with satisfaction that the present forum was rarely fruitful and useful.

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