What is useful raspberries;

Raspberry fruit contains organic acids (malic, citric, salicyl, wine), pectins, vitamins A, C and B, potassium, copper and iron salts, folic acid and even catechins, which are potent antioxidants. All this composition and causes beneficial properties of raspberry fruits. By the way, raspberry leaves contain much more vitamin C than berries, so they are very good for brewing tea.

Raspberry, due to its qualities, has long been used in folk medicine. Not only fruits, but also leaves of this plant are the best antipyretic agent, so successfully used for the treatment of cold diseases, influenza, fevers and neuralgic diseases. Dried berries also have sweaty properties.

This wonderful berry has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Therefore, raspberries are recommended to be used for atherosclerosis, hypertension, anemia and heart rate disorders. Berries help fight stress and poor mood, improve appetite, have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, diuretic, antiemetic and expectoring effects.

Useful raspberries and for the gastrointestinal tract, but here you should be careful. When constipation and poor digestion, it is recommended to eat fresh fruits, because they are rich in fiber. But in case of inflammation of the intestines and diarrhea should not include raspberries in the diet either fresh or dry form.

In folk medicine use this berry to contract the prostate (when sprawling), and in Eastern medicine raspberry is rather known as the main component of pills and fees, which are used in sexual powerlessness, infertility and neurasthenia.

In the composition of red berries there are substances responsible for an even and healthy complexion, as well as firmness of the skin and overall tone of the body. The folic acid contained is particularly useful for pregnant women and children. Raspberry destroys mouldy fungus spores and yeast, staphylococcus bacteria. The leaves of the plant contain substances that enhance the musculature of the gut and uterus. Since berries have a diuretic effect, they can be used to combat bags under the eyes and swelling.

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