What is useful for macadamia nut

Macadamia tree lives for about a hundred years, but it begins to fruit for 7-10 years. Nuts have almost perfect globular shape and reach 2 cm in diameter. Their shells are very stiff. The product is not cheap, it is due to the difficulty of harvesting the harvest. Specialists spend a lot of effort on the withdrawal of cores.

Macadamia are grown in countries with tropical climates. The composition of the nut contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates needed by the human body. Scientists found essential oil, minerals, fiber, vitamins (A, PP, B1, B12, etc.) and even small amounts of sugar in the kernels.

Nuts are high calorie. They are recommended to eat in arthritis, bacterial infections, as a prevention of both malignant and benign tumors. The composition includes monounsaturated palmitic acid, which is also found in human skin, as well as a substance similar to plant wax.

Macadamia is valued by cosmetologists, it is actively used in the manufacture of creams, masks and serums for the care of mature and dry, prone to peeling skin, which after the application of such cosmetics, becomes soft, beautiful and hydrated. Useful properties of the product are effectively used by manufacturers of hair paints.

Macadamia resembles a forest nut to taste. Kernels are oily and smooth. The product removes cholesterol from the body and is considered a perfect remedy to help with sunburn. Therefore, it is added to healing creams and ointments. When eating regularly, the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases is reduced. Macadamia in migraines, angina, osteoporosis, arthritis, avitaminosis, has antioxidant properties, stimulates blood microcirculation.

The unique ability of nut oil is the recovery of metabolism in the human body. Also, despite the calorie content, the world’s nutritionists include the product in many diets.

Macadamia oil has a viscous consistency, has a yellowish color and a pronounced nutty smell. Use of oil contributes to the elimination of photodermatites. The product effectively moisturizes and eliminates opalines, which is why it is widely used for the care of children’s skin.

Macadamia is contraindicated to people allergic to nuts.

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