What is the libel fine

Previously for libel could only be administrative liability in the form of a fine, and its size was very small. This was often used by unscrupulous journalists, bloggers, all sorts of gossip, whether from self-interest motives, whether to suit the rich imagination spread about people the most ridiculous and offensive rumors, accusations, without bothering yourself to check the information and evidence.

Now the State Duma of the Russian Federation has adopted a law on returning the article on libel to the Criminal Code. Initially, as a penalty, along with fines and community service, even imprisonment for a term of up to 3 years was imposed. But in the end of this measure decided to refuse. Now the maximum possible penalty for libel is a fine of up to 5 million rubles. Of course, this cap will only be used in the most serious cases.

According to the adopted law, the dissemination of knowingly false rumors, staining honor, dignity and business reputation of a person, will be punishable by a fine of up to 500 thousand rubles. If such libel was expressed in the presence of outsiders (that is, at public speech) or with the help of a media body, the fine can be increased to 1 million rubles. Well, if the defamer used his official position, the fine can increase to 2 million rubles.

Some varieties of libel are assessed even stricter. For example, about a person deliberately spread deliberately false information that he was suffering from a dangerous infectious disease. Or he was knowingly falsely accused of a sex crime. Naturally, because of this, he will have a lot of problems both at work and in his personal life. It’s easy to imagine what moral damage and health threat it is. Therefore, the penalty for such libel is provided very large — up to 3 million rubles. Well, if the defamer baselessly accused a person of commission of a crime belonging to the category of especially serious, the amount of the fine will grow to 5 million rubles.

The Act also provides for penalties for libel against a judge, a juror, an investigator or a bailiff in court proceedings, or the conduct of a preliminary investigation or execution of a judicial act.$ Depending on the severity of the libel, the fine will be from 1 million to 2 million rubles.

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