What is the essence of the new recycling tax


of the disposal fee will fully fall on the shoulders of producers and importers, which for the end consumer will inevitably affect cost of the car. In some cases where the import of single vehicles is carried out, it will be necessary for an individual to pay a fee.

According to the requirements of the law on the disposal fee, the passport of the vehicle will be issued exclusively for those cars in respect of which the fee has been paid. If the passport was issued prior to the entry into force of the new bill, no fee will be paid for the vehicle.

The disposal fee will not be paid for individual categories of cars either. Among them are vehicles belonging to refugees and displaced persons when they are moved to their home countries, as well as vehicles of diplomats, consular officers and their families, vehicles imported by $ from Kazakhstan and Belarus. Do not fall under the new bill and rarity cars issued more than 30 years ago, provided they are not used for passenger and freight traffic on the grounds of retaliatory contracts, and also have an original engine, body and frame.

The final amount of the disposal fee has not yet been approved. However, the bill states that the final amount will be affected by the year of production of the car, its mass and other physical characteristics, on which the cost of recycling of transport depends means. On whether there will be benefits for cars of domestic production, while it is silent. According to preliminary base rates prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Economic Development, it is expected that for cars this amount will be from 20 to 50 thousand rubles, for trucks — from 150 to 400 thousand rubles.

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