What is the damned top of Mont Blan

For a long time in all reference books it was stated that the height of the mountain is 4807 meters, now the value of 4810 meters is considered more reliable . Under this massif, a toll tunnel of 11.6 kilometers is laid, with which to cross the French-Italian border. The

majestic beauty of Mont Blanc from generation to generation inspired creative people: artists, writers, composers. And then Mont Blanc became a real paradise for climbers and skiing fans alike. In the vicinity of the highest peak of this massif there is a world-famous ski resort – the town of Chamonix, where the first Winter Olympic Games took place in 1924. Chamonix Valley, 16 kilometers long, is considered one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Its slopes are replete with runs of any category of complexity, and in the town itself a lot of hotels for every taste and purse. Guests of the town can enjoy the highest level of service and at the same time fabulously beautiful scenery.

However, where the mountains are there and danger. “White Killers” – so from ancient times they call snow avalanches – the horror of the Alps. And the worst reputation, perhaps, at one of the peaks of the Mont Blanc massif – the mountain, which has an altitude of 4465 meters. Its very name speaks volumes: Mont Maudit is “The Cursed Mountain”. In earlier times, locals believed that it was on it that evil spirits lived, which put avalanches on people who disturbed their peace. Now the 21st century, almost no one believes in the spirits, but the inhabitants of the Chamonix valley still claim that it is the most powerful avalanches that come off this mountain especially often. And these are not empty words: in 1991, a monstrous avalanche that ripped off the slope of the Cursed Mountain destroyed 14 homes. Now this tragedy is reminiscent of a large stone cross placed on the place where people once lived.

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