What is the blacklist of sites

Most blacklist sites carry a clear or hidden threat to your computer by putting a dangerous virus in there or are way for hackers to replenish their wallet or get passwords from you of the systems where you are registered. Very often they disguise themselves as popular social networks, where to register you need to carry out an operation to replenish an unknown account. Or, finding your social network in search, you can stumble upon information that your account is frozen (blocked). And in the future you are asked to transfer money to unlock. It should be remembered that companies such as “VKontakte”, “Odnoklassniki” and with them do not charge funds for activation of your profile.

This kind of internet fraud is called phishing. Internet browser makers have already agreed on ways to combat such sites. Many browsers include a system that informs the user about the threat and closes access to the site, or warns of the danger and offers to choose whether to follow the link or not. According to the polls, “Firefox” is ranked first. It has been found to be more effective in detecting phishing sites.

However, there are services that look like normal sites but have different goals. Some offer to download video content for a decent amount, which should be transferred to the provided account. On the one hand it looks like an online store, on the other spurs young users to spend funds of their parents.

In addition, there are a huge number of websites of extremist and religious orientation calling for joining their ranks. Here also the security system won’t work and everything will depend only on your consciousnessness.

It should also be mentioned about websites that offer different types of earnings. Their peculiarity is that you can ask for money for registration. Or you at a small cost, after success and replenishment of the virtual wallet you simply won’t be able to get your earned funds. They will either go over to the owner or stay in virtual mode. Such sites can also include various online casinos.

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