What is the African plage

From the pros it is possible to highlight the fact that a person with this form of virus does not get sick. However, it can easily serve as a vector for such a dangerous disease. This occurs if sanitary and veterinary requirements are not met in the care of animals.

The epidemic usually arises from the fact that meat suppliers, knowing that the virus is not contagious for humans, try to keep it quiet when symptoms are detected in livestock. And that, despite the fact that the livestock in this case is subject to slaughter. After all, the African plague is not treated, and there is no vaccine for it. And that means that literally in a matter of days the virus is infected literally all the number of pigs that are on a potentially dangerous site. The owners of farms commit such an offense only for the purpose of not losing money. And this, in turn, leads to the spread of the virus in other farms.

To humans, this virus is not dangerous until it starts mutating. It is such an option of development that doctors fear. After all, combined with poor ecology and violation of all kinds of requirements of veterinary and sanitary-epidemiological control, the appearance of a dangerous form of the virus for human life remains a matter of time.

Today in Russia there is an outbreak of swine disease in farms across the country. Therefore, you need to choose meat very carefully in the market. It is advisable to study the list of potentially dangerous places in advance, and when buying meat on the market to be interested in veterinary documents and place of pork production. If you are worried about the accompanying papers, it is better to refuse the purchase.

As long as a man does not worry for his health in connection with the African plague, he may fear for his pet. After all, today it has become fashionable to have minipygs in the house as favorite pets. And they are just at risk, as they can hook up the virus very quickly.

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