What is Taxi Reform

All taxi reforms in recent times have been aimed at reducing the number of private movers and making trips around the city for residents more secure. Many people faced substandard taxi driver jobs. And that’s not surprising. In recent years, the number of small transportation organizations has increased several times in almost every city. Here only to control work of the employees of taxi service almost stopped.

Often among the people engaged in production, you can find inexperienced, unaware of the city. And that’s still at its best. Due to the fact that the taxi management stopped checking cars and drivers before going to the line, you can face problems more quickly. For example, with a drunk taxi driver or with a criminal who robs or even robs his passengers. When a wave of similar problems almost swept Russian cities, and taxi reform was agreed. The

introductions that have already come into force are quite tough. For example, the machine cannot be on the line unmarked (checkers), fare information and license issued to the organization, checks confirming payment, and a paymeter. Drivers who are not arranged officially, and work under the contract, are obliged to have the status of a legal entity. If a violation is seen, both the taxi driver and the firm for which he works will be obliged to pay fines.

For legal entities, this law is even scarier, now they can work only by having their own fleet of cars available. Recently, organizations have almost not started their fleet, preferring to take on work drivers with private transport. And now carrier firms are forced to buy cars to be able to continue their operations. Of course, this innovation has seriously hit the wallets of business owners.

Of course, it’s not all the reforms that have touched the taxi industry. Both the fines and the permit for parking with a certain type of passenger, and the permission to travel in lanes designed for passenger transport have changed. But major changes are still ahead. Most likely, in the near future all vehicles providing transport services will be of the same color, and perhaps even one brand. Most likely, and tariffs at all carriers will also become the same. It is already agreed that every machine must have a taxometer, navigator, bank card reader. The law on this will come into force until 2015. And it seems that all changes are being made for the benefit of passengers. But in fact so far the owners of taxi companies who are forced to pay almost daily round sums, and passengers who pay every time more and more costs are suffering.

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