What is Sysoev Day

Sysoyev day is celebrated on July 6 in old style, on the new – on July 19. Reverend Sisoy the Great lived in the Egyptian desert in a cave that was consecrated by the prayers of his predecessor, Anthony the Great. Sisoy led a hermit lifestyle for sixty years and during this considerable time was able to achieve spiritual purity and receive the gift of miraculous creation as a reward. This unique gift was so strong and powerful that it allowed one day to bring the dead boy back to life.

The Reverend Hermit Monk was quite gracious to those around him and fellow people, as well as those who appealed to him for help, he received everyone with compassion and love. But still remained extremely strict to himself. Sisoy once told one pilgrim that the most important thing is to consider yourself inferior to the others, as such humiliation helps to gain humility.

As Saint Sisoy lay down on his deathbed, the disciples surrounding the elder suddenly noticed that the Great’s face had begun to shine. In doing so, the Reverend declared that he saw all the apostles and prophets The disciples asked whom Sisa was talking to, then he answered that the Angels had come for his soul, and he asked them to give some time to repent. Then the Reverend’s face shone so that the disciples did not dare to look at him. Before his death, the monk managed to inform his disciples that he saw the Lord God himself, and after these words his holy soul
withdrew to the Heavenly Kingdom.

It was by this day, which became a memory, that it was necessary to complete all the sowing where it continued. In Sysoyev day recalled proverbs that every business should be performed in due time: “Not that care, that much work, but that care, as there is no work,” or “Every day has its own worries.” It was also believed that on this holy day dew is gained with healing properties and gives health and strength to man, bird and beast. In villages on this day, currant jam was also beginning to be brewed.

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