What is so attractive Thailand for Russian tourist

Holidays in Thailand attracts its exotic. The subtropical climate makes local nature unique. It is a land of flowers where you can see beautiful orchids and a mass of other equally bright vegetation.

But tours to Thailand are not just nature lovers who choose. There are many interesting places that can only be seen in this country: the garden of stones, the temple of Wat Arun, the pearl farm, the royal palace. Representatives of local fauna are no less original. In Thailand you can visit crocodile and snake farms, tiger zoo, butterfly garden, elephant show and other, equally European-specific attractions.

Natural beauty combined with original architectural monuments allow you to make fascinating excursions. But many tourists are attracted not by the local mentality and attractions of Thailand, but by the shows of sexual orientation known around the world. Children do not take to these events, but do not think that promiscuity here reigns at every turn. In fact, for such performances there are special places and, if this local flavor is not interested, it is enough simply not to visit certain streets.

Thailand is a pretty poor country, so being able to change gender or work in the sex industry is one of the few that allows you to earn decently by local standards. The cheapness of products, goods and services is another attractive aspect of tourists. In addition to an exciting pastime, a holiday in Thailand allows you to cheaply update your wardrobe.

In doing so, the country’s poverty is combined with advances in high technology and miserable shacks are adjacent to skyscrapers. The tourist infrastructure of the country is so developed that everyone will be able to discover something interesting here.

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