What is Sabantua

The name of this holiday came from two Turkic words โ€” saban (plough) and tuy (holiday). Sabantuy’s origin was originally due to the blossoming of nature and the beginning of spring fieldwork. And all the rites that have come to this day are in praise of the sun and the god of heaven. From here came the traditional competitions in jumping, running, wrestling and horse racing.

Gradually, influenced by time, with the adoption of Islam and the introduction since 1918 of the Gregorian calendar, the holiday changed somewhat, and its observance was moved to the day of the summer solstice. Despite this, Sabantuy has preserved the best examples of the cultural heritage of the Tatars through centuries โ€” games, songs, dances and distinctive competitions in strength and agility.

Today this holiday has received the status of public, and it takes place in three stages. On the first weekend after the end of spring field work Sabantuy is celebrated in the villages and villages of the Republic, a week later the holiday comes to major cities and finally another week later is celebrated in the capital of Tatarstan โ€” the city of Kazan.

The administration necessarily allocates money for this holiday and contributes in every possible way to its organization, because it represents a huge cultural value of Tatarstan. In all administrative centers in Sabantuy, venues for performances of masters of arts, concerts are constructed, Maidans are necessarily organized for competitions and competitions, take place folk revellers.

Especially impressive sports games and competitions, traditional of which are raising stones, wrestling on hands, tug-of-war (arkan tartysh), as well as a joking competition on running with Koromyy. In addition, there are often fights with bags of straw, breaking pots and climbing onto a pole. And if the conditions of the organization allow, the jigitovka, the competition on pair sled, fast riding under the saddle and kyz kuu – the competition, during which the guy – the rider must catch up with the girl – to the rider and kiss her on the racehorse. Through this celebration, Sabantuy promotes the preservation of ancient traditions, passing them from generation to generation.

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