What is rotational motion

Special gymnastics for joints is recommended to be performed by people doing fitness, running, swimming, any sport or physical labor. A regularly performed complex of exercises strengthens the joints, allowing them to easily tolerate the loads they are subjected to during sports training or physical work. All rotational movements during gymnastics need to be done slowly.

Exercise 1. Put your feet on the width of your shoulders, straighten your back, extend your hands to the sides so that they are positioned parallel to the floor. Squeeze brushes in fists. Make twenty rotational movements with hand brushes one way and then the other.

Exercise 2. Left in the same starting position, bend your hands in your elbow joints. Keep your hands off shoulder to elbow still. Perform twenty rotational movements with your hands (elbow to brush) forward and backward.

Exercise 3. The center of rotation in this exercise is the shoulder joint. Perform rotational movements with your hands forward and backward — fifteen times each way.

Exercise 4. When doing this and later exercises, you must rest on the chair. Accept your original position: stand straight, straighten your back. Holding your hand to the chair, your right foot pull forward and lift up a little. Rotate the foot fifteen times one and then as many the other way. Perform this exercise for your left foot as well.

Exercise 5. Accept your starting position, then bend your right leg in your knee. Raise her so the thigh is parallel to the floor. The center of rotation is the knee joint. Rotate the shin fifteen times each way. Repeat this exercise for your left foot.

Exercise 6. Pull your right foot forward and lift it to a 45-degree angle. The center of rotation is the hip joint. Perform with your right foot ten rotations each way so that both the thigh and the tibia move. Do then as many rotations with your left foot.

To make this complex of exercises effective, perform it two or three times a week, preferably during morning gymnastics.

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