What is regarded as libel under the Penal Code


definition of the word “slander” is devoted to article 129 of the Criminal Code of Russia. Also here are prescribed penalties which are provided for this offense.

So, libel is any dissemination of knowingly false information about a person that may defame him or degrade him. If such information spoils the reputation of the victim, it is also regarded as slander.

Such an offense can be divided into two types: personal and mass. In the first case, the case concerns a relationship between two people who are actively not brought up for mass discussion. That is, false information is given aimed only at those areas of activity which are important for the victim. Receives such information from an attacker only a narrow circle of interested persons.

In the case of mass libel, the case concerns information attacks against a sufficiently known person or group of persons. Moreover, any available means are used to disseminate defamatory information, such as the Internet, media, etc.

Libel is also divided into oral and written. In the first case, the commission of illegal acts is more difficult to prove, as oral announcements still need to be recorded in some way: on the voice recorder, according to witnesses,

etc. libel is determined by the severity of the information and the existence of a motive. So, for example, if information from one person was deliberately false on another, for example, that he was lying in a psychiatric clinic, circumstances will be examined. If the accused did not have a motive, he will not bear responsibility for his act.

Under article 129 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, criminals aged from 16 years are under trial.

Lawyers are confident that with the introduction of a new law returning punishment for false defamatory information, there will be many problems in the courts. And it will be due to the fact that although the court gives a clear definition of libel, it will be difficult to distinguish it from the insult. And offense is not legislatively punished in any way.

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