What is postpartum depression

Postpartum depression causes two factors: biological and psychological. Coping with the second is much harder, a woman will need the help of loved ones and loved The big hormonal adjustment, which begins immediately after childbirth, gives the young mom a lot of anxiety. The body mobilizes and quickly attunes to lactation instead of carrying out the fetus. The woman is adjusting to the baby’s feeding regime, breaking her own.

All this doesn’t go without a trace. For successful lactation, the mother’s body requires more calorie-laden food, the appetite is increased, the woman can gain weight. This is somewhat not what young moms count on, dreaming of getting themselves in order quickly after giving birth. The mirror, scales and centimeter tape can upset greatly, but in this case the woman has to think about the future and her toddler. It is necessary to try to prioritize correctly, decide for yourself that at the moment is more important – natural full-fledged feeding or slender figure. Only mothers need to remember that the health of the child is laid right now!

World scientists who study women with postpartum depression claim that all their patients saw only the perfect picture — a beautiful infant, a slender flowering mom and surrounding them happy relatives, at any moment ready to rush to help. In order to avoid bitter disappointment, you need to present all the realities of the postpartum period during pregnancy and solve the problems that may arise in advance.

To reduce the risk of postpartum depression, you should attend school for expectant mothers, where they teach how to swaddle an infant, perform hygienic procedures, etc. frighten women and cause panic, because it is the sense of helplessness and the feeling of “failure” that contribute to stress and depression.

Young moms need to learn not to attach much importance to mistakes and small things. It is very useful to learn from experienced parents their tricks, because each woman has certain secrets that help her to manage the household and child at the same time. These helpful tips can healthily facilitate the postpartum period and help avoid depression.

It is useful for pregnant women to go to playgrounds where moms with strollers gather. Psychologists recommend watching how parents are managed with children, listening to their stories. It’s all real life, not a perfect picture. Of course, a woman won’t be able to buy the emergence of physiological problems after childbirth, but they will be helped by specialist doctors.

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